Monday, November 24, 2008


I had a hard day one day this week.
Parker was out of sorts and tantrum throwing.
Ben seemed to forget how to fall asleep and cried more than usual
I was needed by two different boys for two different reasons in two different ways and both equally important
And there’s not enough of me sometimes to meet all these needs.
But then there was the moment at the end of the day
I turned on some music because we needed some company.
Ben in my pouch, like a kangaroo mother.
Alanis. And I felt like dancing so I did.
Parker looked at me and smiled- he needed no invitation.
So there we were in the living room- hands held, Ben in a pouch, dancing in circles
And it’s moments like those that make being a mother
the most incredible gift I’ve ever been given.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Poor Ben

Poor little Ben has had quite an eventful 3 weeks of life so far (3 weeks today)! On Saturday night Spencer felt Ben's head and said "this kid is burning up!" (trust him and not me to figure it out). Anyway, we took a temp that was 100.4 and called the doctor who told us to take him to the hospital. They took his temperature there at 100.8 and admitted the poor guy. In an infant as young as Ben any kind of fever is cause for concern and anything over about 100 they will admit to the hospital. so we spent until 3am Sunday morning getting tests done on Ben that were not fun for him- spinal tap, catheter, blood drawn, tubes stuck down his nose and into his freaking lungs (when the tube went in Spencer said out loud- "that is not supposed to go down that far!") The poor guy. We were admitted to the hospital and spent 36 hours there while they waited for test results and monitored Ben. All the tests came back negative and because Parker was sick last week with a bad cold including a fever and congestion (both of which Ben has) it makes sense Ben got what Parker had- only because he is so smsall it was pretty bad. So after Ben's fever went down and they watched him for awhile they let us go home early. He's doing better now. A HUGE thanks to my neighbor Adrienne who came and slept on our very uncomfortable couch Sunday night to be with Parker until Spencer got back from the hospital at 4am. What would we have done without her!

So in Ben's short three weeks of life he's had every test imaginable (and I thought immunizations were hard to watch!), he's had a scary hospital stay and he's now on he got his third set of casts for clubbed feet today! Hopefully we'll have a better second month!

Parker playing with animal crackers at the hospital- he was really good, cute guy.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I love Halloween. This year our family went as Winnie the Pooh caracters or as Parker calls him- "Winnie and the Pooh" Parker was Tigger, Spencer was Christopher Robin, our little surprise was piglet, and I was Winnie the Pooh. We thought I would be still be very pregnant at this point so my belly was going to be perfect for Pooh's belly- but I guess we had a change of plans.

Our neighborhood is aweome and does this big dinner and little activies at different houses. It was fun and me and Ben even got out for a couple of hours. Parker loved the idea of candy at each door! Though he didn't quite understand the concept of hurrying to the next door to get more candy, he wanted to eat each candy after each house instead. But Spencer and I weren't complaining too much- that way he didn't take home too much candy! He had fun though. He and daddy went to most of the doors alone and Ben and I went home because we didn't want the little piglet out too much. It was fun though. By the way- look closely at the picture of Spencer and Parker from the back. Spencer is in MY shorts and I seriusly laughed everytime I looked at him.

And this is Parker in his "big boy bed" we put it up for a few days because he asked for it. This is what I found when I went in to check on him- stuff everywhere! At least he went to sleep! After a few days of the big boy bed, he asked for his crib back so we put back up the crib (I was happy to do it!) Parker wanted to be a big boy when Ben first entered the picture but now he wants to be a little baby again- he's even sucking on a binky once in a while which he didn't even do as a baby! I think he's a little confused poor guy. We sure love them both though!