Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fall Video

Fall Days with Mommy

Parker and I have been enjoying the beautiful fall days. Since we don't have much of a yard we go over to the church parking lot and run around. Parker loves it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Favorite Things

Parker loves to take the milk out of the fridge. Then he loves trying to screw the caps on and off.

He also loves to climb inside the fridge and take everything out that he can.

Especially his sippy cup.

But most of all he just LOVES making messes.


For Halloween we were the BAT FAMILY. It was a fun Halloween. Parker didn't quite "get" it but he loved the attention his costume gave him and the candy he got to eat!

Batman, Batwoman and our little helper, Robin. Doesn't he look tough! Growl!

Every year my mom makes soup and puts it in these pumpkin soup bowls and we have a big Halloween party. It was fun this year. We did it outside in the backyard and it was beautiful. Here is the crew.. Basics L-R Haylee and her friend Abby, Bryant and Mindy and a neighbor girl, Josha, Tasha, and Asher, Aaron and Jessie Kerr with kids (jessie on the bottom), Jenny and David and boys, Spence, me and Parker, Sierra, Art and boys.
Haylee eating a soup bowl, texting (of course) and dressed as a butterfly

We had a little donut eating contest with the kids- eating them off of strings. Parker couldn't quite get a handle on it but he loved watching the bigger kids eat theirs!

Mom and Robin AKA- Parker

Bobbing for Apples. The record was 2 seconds- David Butler. I did it in 7.

Parker with an ENTIRE donut hole in his mouth. Ht's so funny-he wants his hands free so he just STUFF everything in his mouth so he can move around.

Eli as Spiderman and Sierra behind him as the web.