Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Christmas in Mexico

Well this post is a long time in coming, sorry. The Atkinson family took us to Mexico for Christmas. It was awesome. Everyone came but Greg who is on his mission: mom and dad; Spencer, Parker and I; Angie and Ajay; Bry and Mindy; KC, Haylee. It was a different Christmas than normal-no snow, minimal presents- it was great. We had experiences that we will remember forever-like that HUGE spider that Haylee, mom, Angie and I tripped over each other screaming and trying to get away from it—it really was chasing us! Playing games at night with the family- Scategories that we made up categories for like old flings and things Spencer thinks of, places Erin has been, things that make Haylee happy, etc. Rumicube and an occasional game of Phase 10. I loved our discussions at night. Just being with Ajay and Angie, running with Angie in the mornings through the town and listening to her say “Buenos Dias” so sweetly to everyone and with such clarity. I loved seeing the LDS chapel and having it be so familiar. Talking with the Mexican saints and feeling automatically connected despite the fact that I didn’t even understand what they were saying. Trying to learn Spanish, trying to understand what people were saying and kind of talking spaniglish to each other. Making a goal AGAIN to learn it. Eating Mexican food, and paying for bottled water. Spencer’s obsession with the tacoria’s and horchata. Eating at the CafĂ© in Merida, the tacqueria in Progresso, the hotel restaurant. Loving the beans and the chicken fajitas. Learning about the ruins and having the Book of Mormon take on a new meaning- understanding better who the people really were and what that book is about. Walks on the beach with Parker, picking up shells and playing in the sand. Christmas morning, refreshingly very few presents, talking about our thoughts on Christmas out on the back porch with the waves in the background and being touched by so much of what people said. Dad’s testimony. Angie’s tears. Ajay’s experience. Kc’s expression of gratitude. Haylee’s school service that really was so beautiful. Spencer’s thoughts on parenting. My mom’s sweetness and Bryant and Mindy just being there. My favorite part and a Christmas I will remember forever.