Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ben gets his braces off!

Tuesday we went to Shriners and Ben has officially graduated from his braces- aka his snowboard. Now he only has to wear it for sleeping and he is LOVING it. Seriously, he is so happy. His feet look great. What a blessing!

Monday, March 23, 2009

SF Hot Pots and Feeding the Ducks

We've had fun taking advantage of the weather recently. We tried to hike to the Spanish Fork hot pots but the gate on the road was closed 4 miles from the trailhead. Bummer!

So instead we just hung out and threw rocks in the river while Uncle Greg, Grandma and Grandpa went on a little run.

This is a HUGE LOVE sign in the snow.

Nina Cary came up with her two girls and we went to Sugarhouse Park to feed the ducks. They were pretty agressive, but we had fun.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Patty's

St. Patrick's day was fun. It's so fun with Parker because it's all so new to him and he doesn't have any expectations but is just so excited about all the new discoveries holiday's bring.

We had a little Leprechan named Larry come and turn our milk green and all of our meals- green milkshakes, fishies, chicken, mashed potatoes, salad for dinner etc. He also hid a pot of gold for after dinner. Parker had to follow the clues and at the end of the treasure hunt there was a big pot of yummy cookies. It was so fun. I think Larry the Leprechan will return next year. :) Here is Ben in his bumbo on our kitchen counter while I cooked green dinner. My mom thinks I'm way too scary putting him up there but he's in so tight he's not going anywhere but maybe I should be more careful. :)

Friday, March 13, 2009


So I am a sporadic blogger. What can I say...oh well here's a recap of the past couple months..The boys, Parker and Ben. Already becoming buds. I love it.
No one can make Ben laugh like Parker can.

Ben's "snowboard" We're getting this off in two weeks! Then Ben will just have to wear it at night for 2 years. Ben's feet look very good. They are totally normal now (besides being a little swollen and sqooshy). We feel very blessed. I'm sure there will be more on this to come.


This is Parker getting Ben to smile. - no one does it better.

We took my Jewish neighbors to see the Draper temple open house. We met up with Haylee and my mom and it was really nice. Ben slept and Parker ran all over, he was actually very good. Our neighbors, Ruth and Bob, enjoyed it and we were glad they came with us.

A couple of weekends ago we went to Spencer's parents place and met Tasha and Josh and family and went cross country skiing. It was a great weekend. Asher and Parker always wreak havoc together and it's awesome. They just get these mischevious looks on their faces and go crazy. It's fun. :)

We attempted to pull the kids behind us in sleds but Parker wasn't so into that so we mostly just stopped and played in the snow. Good times.

Spencer and I with our LOVE sign on Valentines Day. Spencer planned an awesome (and unique) Valentines date. We couldn't find a babysitter so I thought we'd just be home but Spencer surprised me with a beautiful candlelight dinner in the empty apartment above us (perks of being managers). Monitors were on for both boys but we were out of our apartment and it was perfect. Spencer always plans the best dates.

Ben and Mommy

Our Big Brother Parker, smiling for the camera
Parker as Bob the Builder (with crooked goggles).
Our big, huge, giant Ikea shelf that we got for Christmas from my mom and I LOVE it. It's a little more organized now than this but
it sure helps Parker's tiny room become a little bigger (toys off the floor). It's great.
Parker's train we made from a great big box. And loving being inside in the box. Choo Choo.

This is Parker falling asleep in his "big boy" lightning McQueen bed, the ONE time he did. And then the next picture is him in his crib tent, where he is safe from the monsters. He asks for his crib after being in his room about 15 minutes. Poor Ben, he's going to always be in his bassinet! :)

Ben in January-when he still had his hair. Learning to smile, loves to suck his thumb and has a great laugh, especially at Parker.

Awhile ago we went to the Coldplay concert with my family and Perry-we get spoiled from my dad! It was amazing. I love those guys. Their music has narated much of my life. It was great.