Saturday, January 24, 2009

Graduated, Employed and 30

Spencer's been busy. He graduated at the end of December (will walk and we'll celebrate in the Spring) in biomedical engineering. It's been tough finding a job in this market but we just got an offer last week. He will be working for Numira biosciences doing medical imaging. The company is literally a mile from our house and it's the perfect job for us right now. We'll stay in our little apartment for awhile to save some money and then see where life takes us. We feel very lucky. And he turns the big 3-0 on Monday (the 26th)! So he's just barely making his goals (to graduate and get a job before he turned 30). Good job dad!

Friday, January 23, 2009


It's so fun for me to see these two little boys of ours start to interact. Ben smiles and smiles at Parker and Parker is so cute with Ben. I can only hope that they will be to each other what my sister is to me.
so they aren't ALWAYS happy with each other.

And Parker doesn't always know how to hold Ben.

But aren't they cute?

Someday they'll be really embarrassed by these pictures. But classic aren't they?

Firemen and Ben

This week daddy took Parker to the local firestation. They let him ride in the truck and gave him his own hat. He LOVED it. A dream come true for this kid.

Ben and I hung out at home. He tried out his bumbo.

Just in Case

Just in case you didn't get a Christmas card from us...this is it.

Since our last Christmas card two years ago, Parker has become an energetic toddler and we’ve added another little boy to our family - Benjamin Mark Clegg - born Oct. 14th, at 6lbs 6 oz and 17 inches. He surprised us 3 weeks early while we were in Idaho celebrating our anniversary. We drove a fast 2 ½ hours to the hospital in Salt Lake just in time! Ben was born with club feet and we’ve spent some time over the past few weeks at Shriner’s Hospital (an awesome Children’s hospital run entirely on donations). He’ll wear casts for the first two months of his life followed by braces for awhile. We’re grateful he’ll be able run someday! Parker has spent the past two years learning all sorts of things - from walking, to talking, to learning to be a big brother. He has traveled all over the place, thanks to Grandma A’s travel bug, and has already been on 7 airplane trips - Florida 3 times to see Aunt Angie and Uncle Ajay, Mexico for Christmas last year, California twice, and Nauvoo to see the Atkinson’s in the Nauvoo pageant. Spencer and I had fun following Parker on these trips and taking a couple ourselves. We hiked to Havasupai Falls last summer (which was awesome) and I was able to go to France this spring for a Clegg sister’s trip of a lifetime. Our favorite, though, was this summer’s trip to the farm Grandpa Clegg grew up on in Grace, Idaho. Parker was in heaven with tractors and farm animals galore. Mostly though we just love staying local - hiking, and snowboarding in Cottonwood canyon, playing at playgrounds, going on runs in the stroller, and outings to the zoo. Spencer is graduating this month with his degree in Biomedical Engineering. He is interviewing for jobs from Salt Lake to Flagstaff and by the time you get this card we’ll hopefully know where we’ll be! He also just got his braces off. Erin turned the big 3-0 in September and Spencer will follow in January. We’re both busy managing the apartments we live in and working in our church assignments - Erin as Relief Society Enrichment Counselor and Spencer as Stake Scout Leader. Spencer ran his first triathlon in August and Erin plans to train for some runs now that pregnancy is over. It’s been a wonderful two years we’ve had together as a family of three. Now as a family of FOUR we’re excited to see what life will bring us. We’re so thankful this Christmas season for the Savior and His sacrifice and for the joy and peace His gospel brings us. Merry Christmas! Please keep in touch!,, or check out our blog: Love, Spencer, Erin, Parker, and Ben Clegg

Snow Sports

We took Parker snowboarding last week. We were going to buy him stuff for Christmas but decided we'd try a season of renting a few times first. Good thing we did. He loved it at first- hanging on to daddy as we went down this mini hill at a park by our house. But after an hour he was done and the next day he didn't even want to try it. But we'll go again and before we know it he'll be better than mommy and daddy!

Ben cozy in his carseat while Parker snowboarded.

This is how we went down. :)

We also attempted a little snowshoeing trip. Ben was bundeled UNDER a huge coat and in the baby bjorn while Parker was perched on top of dad's back. Parker loved it and hated it all at the same time. As you can see below.

Unfortunately we got a bit of a late start and by the time we got back to the car it was pitch black. Parker wanted to be in the car so much he wouldn't let us get him out of his carseat to take off his snowpants. Poor guy. That may be our last snowshoeing trip for awhile. But it was fun and beautiful. Next time we just need more daylight.

Ben Baby Blessing

On Jan 4th we blessed Benjamin Mark. Bry and Mindy blessed Cailin in the morning and we blessed Ben in the afternoon. It was a beautiful blessing and a wonderful day.
Oh the joys of being a younger brother. :)

Grandma Athinson and Ben
Aunt Angie and Ben

Grammy Clegg and Ben

Spencer Box (Spencer trainer on his mission), uncle Perry, Matt (Spencer's friend from school), and daddy.

Jayne, Aunt Donelle, and cousin Catherine

The Box's

our next door neighbors, Ruth and Bob

Holiday's with the Atkinson's

Angie and Angie flew out (from New York where they live) on New Years Eve for some family festivities- mainly two baby blessings. So we got to spend some time with Atkinson cousins too. Parker is now sharing the limelight with Ben and little Cailin (Bryant and Mindy's little girl).

Cailin is about 6 weeks older than Ben but twice as long!

We took a perfect snowboarding day with Ajay, Angie, Greg, his friend Harvey Unga, KC and I (Spencer got sick that day poor guy). It was perfect snow and I loved boarding with everyone

We ate at our usual Ottavios (where KC served us) and celebrated mom & Mindy's birthdays. We all sang to mom and she got a little teary- it was sweet.

Haylee and Ben

Mom and her grandbabies- Ben and Cailin (these pictures were actually taken at Thanksgiving so they are a little old)

Ben was baby Jesus in our Esplin (my mom's side) Christmas party. He participated great and fell asleep in the manger the whole time. He was the perfect baby Jesus.

Parker participated in the nativity for the first time this year. He and Asher are in the striped shepards uniforms. They were so cute.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


We spent this year's Christmas in Eden, Utah with the Clegg's They have a nice big beautiful home to house all of Spencer's 8 siblings and thier families. It's a mad house but that's the way we like it. Parker was in heaven with lots of toys from santa and grammy and grandpa and lots of cousins to play with. Here we are (yes Ben is in there- under the blanket) all bundled up for a sleigh ride!

Parker understood the concept of Santa this year. A little boy really makes Christmas magical.

Parker got a easel from grammy and grandpa and he loves lining up all the letters.

There as LOTS of snow in Eden and we had lots of fun playing in it.

We went on a sleigh ride, inside a tepee and warmed our hands in front of a fire- Parker has that part down as you can see.

Grammy with little Ben. Ben had a good old Christmas. He stayed up all night long for four nights in a row. Literally, he was up from 10pm-5am. It was death for Spencer and I- we took shifts. And I was about to throw in the towel and let him scream when we found out he had an earache! No wonder. We're back to sleeping much better. Thank goodness. It made for an interesting Christmas for Spencer and I. :)

Oleah and Stu Christmas morning

Parker and Cassidy- he loves his cousins!