Sunday, July 12, 2009

Las Vegas and the 4th

We spent the 4th in Eden with Spencer's family. They have a fun little parade. Parker was terrified last year by all the loud noises. But this year he got the hang of grabbing the candy that gets thrown and he LOVED it! :)

After the parade we went to the little carnival they have there with Uncle Perry and cousin Breyden

Parker got to bounce on the bouncy slides and won his first pet- a little frog!

That night we lit off our own fireworks outside on the street. Parker loved it half of the time and hid in the van for the other half of the time. :)

Afterwards our own fireworks we watched the Wolf Creek fireworks from the balcony. It was a great fourth of July!

Grandpa, grandma and Aunt Camille enjoying the show.

We also went to Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago for our good friends Allan and Rachel's wedding. It was really nice. We also stayed with my cousin's Jana and Joe and their cute family. I loved spending time with them. Playing in the hot Vegas sun.

Love the Vegas fountains

Parker and his 2nd cousin- Livy Went

Ben and his second cousin- Kellen Went

The kids: Parker and Ben. Zoey, Livy and Kellen Went. It was so fun to be there with them. Parker terrorized the girls and the two little boys had fun interacting. The adults went out and had good conversations. Jana's father, my uncle, passed away the week before we got there. It was good to talk to Jana about him and life in general. With his passing I realize all the more what is most important in life. He was a simple, genuine man and left a beautiful legacy.
Allan and Rachel Enlow.

Parker did pretty good considering we had just driven for hours and hours in the car and he was supposed to sit quietly at a restaurant but finally we had to get out the laptop and let him watch CARS. Afterwhich we hardly heard from him. :)

Allan, Rachel and their little girl, Gracie. The happy married family.

Summer Times

We love summer and it's been especially fun this summer as Spencer is no longer stressing on school and can come home and BE home after work; Parker is at an age where everything is new, fun and a great discovery, I'm not pregnant! And Ben is an easy, happy baby. We've had lots of fun adventures. Here we are at the Bees Game- Parker loved the train of course!

Ben is such a cutie

Game, What game? Parker just wanted to run up and down the hills.

We have been having playgroups with some of the women in our neighborhood and ward. We love it. Gateway Fountains, Fishing at Silver Lake, Hike the Ensign Peak. etc.

Parker and his cute friend Gio at the Gateway Fountains
Ben eating a cracker in the sun.

Some of the women we go with- Mel Bullock, Sam Smoot (Leslie's Son), Leslie (the RS president in our ward who I work under) and Melisa Steele (Gio, Parker's good friend's mom)

petting a snake at the zoo.

My good friend Lindsay and her two little boys. They just moved to Oregon and we are going to miss them so much!

Parker with kids from the ward playing pooh sticks at Silver Lake.

More sticks in the water.

Ensign Peak with Lindsay, Eli, Gio, me and the babies.

Top of Ensign Peak- the three little amiogos. These boys have been so fun to play with- Gio, Eli and Parker. Best Buds. Parker's hair really wasn't that high- it was super windy!

More rockclimbing! We actually got Parker up at the gym. He was scared but he tried it out.

Our little smiler.

Parker's messy face after climbing- love it.

Good friends Donny and Leanne came out from Minnesota and we got to hang out with them and climb. It was super fun to catch up. We love these guys.

Ragnar Relay

Spencer and I, along with a lot of my family ran the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay race this year. It's 198 miles from Logan to Park City. You basically live in and out of a van for a day and a half. Running 3 legs of anywhere from 3-9 miles anytime of day. I ran a 3 mile in the late afternoon, a 9 mile at 3am and a 3.5 mile straight up hill (1700 foot gain) of which I ran the whole thing and was pretty proud of myself. Slow, yes, but I ran it. It was great. The start of the Ragnar hill- everyone laughing because this is the hill I had dreaded. :)

Jon (my cousin) and I both ran half of the Ragnar hill and Spencer ran down the other side. We rocked it! :)

My good old dad ran the race- his last leg was in a horrible rain storm, poor guy. He did awesome though.

Jeni, Brittany and Ashley, my cousins who ran with us.

Spencer had tough runs and he did awesome.

Right after my 3am, 9 mile run. I loved it actually. A huge moon, run around the lake, good music, great weather. It was perfect. Good times.