Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well as you can tell we have been very busy this summer. I seriously need a vacation from our vacations! But it's been fun too.
The boys and I started it off with a trip to Arizona to see Tasha and Josh and kids. I was nervous about going on the long road trip alone but amazingly it turned out to be one of the best trips ever. I LOVED time alone in the car with my boys and we had some fun stops- Jana in Vegas, Hoover Dam, Navajo bridge, Zion's with Sierra and Art on the way home. It was great.
And AZ was awesome. Parker LOVES Asher and they had fun. I loved being with Tasha and Josh.

We had a hot dog roast, swam, ate great food, shopped and had a lot of fun.

We once again ran the Wasatch Back, due to my large belly I drove a van instead of running- Greg took my place. Though I did run one short, easy, 3 mile leg. That was my last time running for this pregnancy though. :) We had a great and crazy time- I was delirous and very grumpy at the end because of lack of sleep. Spencer ran some great runs and I LOVED being in a van for over 24 hours with people I don't get enough of. Team: Van 2: KC and Sadie Atkinson, Angie Whittemore, Jana Went, Janae Rivera, Greg Atkinson Van 1: Sierra Brown, Scott Atkinson, Doug Clegg, Spencer Clegg, Sara Clegg, Jon Marshall.

This is not our team :) And believe it or not, we saw a guy running in less than this. 2am run. Black g string. I laughed forever.

Pre- Ragnar bbq at our new house on the new deck I LOVE. I got to spend a little time with two of my favorite people in the world this summer- Angie and Sierra (and fam).

Wish we lived closer to these boys (Sierra's kids- the boys are all like peas in a pod)

Since I married my HS sweetheart, I don't think I'll ever get away from Timpview (which is fine with me, I'm not complaining about going to Bear Lake for the weekend with some awesome people). We're friends with about 10 couples that almost all married Timpview people. We spent the weekend in Bear Lake with them and had a great time. Ben & Lori Jenson, Jeremy & Angie Wright, Rob & Nina Cary, Dave & Melissa Krantz, and Hannah Ryan, Rachel Ligairi and Sharon Rowan flying solo

I love the 4th of July in Provo and I think it's been three years since I was in Provo for that 4th so I insisted we go this year. We still missed the parade due to Spencer's family reunion but next year!
My grandfather, Chic Atkinson was honored at the awards gala for serving in the war with 4 other brother in laws (Henderson's, my grandma's brothers). So we went. It was really cool to learn more about my Atkinson/Henderson heritage. Here we are with my lovely grandma.
I love summer hair cuts!

I love my brother in law, Perry, and am so happy he married someone I love even more! (can I say that?!?) :) Perry and Sara Clegg

We had an Esplin family reunion (my mom's side) in Orderville and learned all about my Esplin heritage which was cool. Parker loved the four wheelers and camping, Ben loved the girls (my youngest cousins) who adored him and I loved being with my two sisters and my mom.

Clegg family reunion. Before I married Spencer I think I'd been to Idaho twice- by the end of the summer we will have gone 6 times! But they are all fun and worth it.. this time we went for a Clegg family reunion.
These two pictures SO characterize Ben these days. He FINALLY (at almost 20 months) learned to walk and he will NOT sit still now. I seriously follow him around all day long- I think I talked to 5 people that whole reunion. He also is OBSESSED with animals. And those boys love to wrestle as also pictured!

We had fun fishing, camping, going on a HUGE waterslide, making crafts and being with cousins. Ben and Parker are the youngest on the Clegg side. Ben eats up the attention. Parker tries to get in with his older cousins and loves to pester his girl cousins.

Beyond the bigger trips we've just had fun this summer...camping (pictured here in Crawdad Canyon, an awesome rock climbing canyon). I swam at the pool with the boys while Spencer and the Conner's rock climbed- I've got to stop being pregnant in the summers!

...Hiking and blowing dandelions...
..Throwing tantrums :) And spending time with friends (here at Thanksgiving point)...

..Going to the skatepark near our house during "elementary school hours"..

...hanging out at Cottonwood Heights rec center swimming and taking lessons...

...and eating lots of popsicles in the afternoon and cereal in the morning.

Our baby GIRL is due September 26th so we're nearing the end which my body is grateful for but I'm NERVOUS about three! Wish us luck!