Thursday, August 19, 2010

End of Summer/Disneyland

We had a great time at Disneyland/California Adventure with my family. Parker loved it- though he was scared of some of the rides. He loved the rollercoasters but hated dark tunnels and real like monsters. Ben loved everything. Spencer and I stayed late with Parker one night and had a great time going on as many rides as we could, seeing the fireworks, and spending time with our favorite 3 1/2 year old. I had fun even being pregnant. There were lots of rides I was still able to go on!
This picture is for those of you who wanted to see a pregnant belly. :)

typical break- everyone on their phones. My fam was awesome though- so helpful and I really just loved being with them. KC and Sadie and Angie and Ajay and Cailin were the only ones not there.

Ben loved discovering and the petting zoo. :)

California Adventure before Spencer came. I loved it there- especially the new Toy Story ride. We went on it twice despite the wait in line and Parker chose a buzz lightyear gun for his souvenier. :)

On Sunday we went to Venice Beach before we left to go home. The boys LOVE having their picture taken these days.
Parker at the LA temple.

For the 24th of July we got to hang out with Spencer's two sisters, Lisa and Jeanette and their kids. Both were in town for the holidays. We went to the parade, took them rockclimbing and lit fireworks. Good times.

Kids hanging out while waiting their turn to rock climb. Parker is finally starting to really do it. It's fun!

The parade. Hot and fun.

Spencer ran the Burley, Idaho Spudman Triathlon with our good friend Ben Jenson. He did great and we had fun cheering him on.

I love this pic of Parker. At a community outdoor openair cinema night. Just captures his cuteness. And the car seat pictures have been common occurances these days in all our roadtrips. We thought Ben was hilarious with his hands behind his head.

Wheeler Park with my mom, Bry and Cailin. Ben fell in the canal and got super super muddy so he had to go naked. :)

Summer is almost over and I'm so sad. I have 5 weeks left of pregnancy. Done being pregnant but not really sure I'm ready for another. If you don't hear from us for quite awhile you'll know why! :)