Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So I haven't posted in a long time and since we took a month long trip to Hawaii this summer, be prepared for LOTS of pictures. My mom grew up for part of her life in Hawaii - my grandfather taught at BYU-Hawaii, or what was then CCH, so every five years we have a huge reunion over there. This summer there were about 60 of us over there. We all rent houses and hang out for anywhere from a week to 2 months. And lest you think that this is extravagant, keep in mind that we also live on pbj's and powdered milk, well okay we didn't do powdered milk this year, but we have plenty of other times! It's awesome though. We look forward to it for those 5 years in between. This was Spencer's first "Esplin Hawaii trip", my first time being a mom there and of course Parker and Ben's first time in Hawaii, so lots of firsts! The boys and I were there for a month and Spencer came for 2 weeks.
The whole fam- everyone but Mindy and Cailin
The boys- my dad, Spencer, Bros KC, Greg, Bryant and Ajay
The girls-my mom, Angie, me, Haylee and Sadie- kc's fiance at this point (they were married a week after we got home)
I loved being with my family. We all stayed in one big houseand I seriously loved being with all of them. There were crazy times, but that's what makes it interesting!

Kc and Sadie

The parents who made it all possible. How I love them both. Aren't they beautiful?
Angie and Ajay
The kids and spouses

Bryant, Angie and Greg
Sandy Beach. I loved being in Hawaii with Spencer. Five years ago when I was there he was just coming home from his mission. In fact, I came home a little early so that I could be there when he got home. I was so freaking nervous. So being in Hawaii with him reminded me of that and made me glad he was with me this time!
Turtle Bay. I love this girl- she is the surf queen and totally got us going. We went out a few times before she got there but when Angie came it was every day. It was awesome. I LOVE dawn patrol with her- talking until a set comes in and then picking up right where we left off once we're both out in the lineup again.

KC helping Parker attempt to touch the turtles at Turtle Bay. He was so cute with Parker and is seriously such a caring brother and uncle. I loved seeing him with Sadie. They are perfect for each other.

Sadie picked up (and fell in love with) surfing like no other. And Ajay was awesome.

Bry, Sadie and Ang checking out the surf.

Sunset- Bry, mom, and Hay.
We went and found the "Others" bunkers from LOST. We loved it.

Then we went and skated Sunset Beach skatepark. Parker loved it. Here's the fam all on skateboards. :)
Ang doing her thing-loving it.

Parker's not bad eh?

We spent a couple of days in "town" towards the end of our trip. I've been kind of a north shore snob but those few days in town were super fun. Angie and Ajay watched the boys while Spencer and I surfed Waikiki. It was great.

Pearl Harbor

HIKES: I love hiking in Hawaii- so many cool places to go. Parker was a great little hiker and Ben LOVES his front pack. I tallied Parker's hikes for the summer and he had TEN- 6 of them in Hawaii. We did have to carry him on our shoulders sometimes-which was hard when Spencer wasn't there and I was carrying BOTH kids but really he did great. Here we are at the rope swing after hiking Kahana Valley

Diamond Head


Jack Ass Ginger Pools

Spencer on the natural slide. He was awesome on it.

Ted's bakery. Parker loved it obviously.

Waimea Bay

Angie and Ben. So cute
Stairway to Heaven. This is a crazy hike on a ladder up the side of a huge huge mountain. I did it when I was at BYUH and rememberred too late that I had decided to not ever do it again. :) Because it's technically "closed" you have to do it in the early morning hours to avoid the guards, though I hear they really don't care if you do it. So we got up at 4am to hike it and at one point htought we were being chased by the guards. So funny..anyway, I was scared for my life for half of it- the heights thing really came to a head on that ladder. Some people aren't that sccared- for instance Spencer and Angie were fine but Ajay and I were terrified. It was awesome though, an incredibly hike for sure.

Matsumoto's Shaved Ice

Lighthouse hike and tidepools

We have lots of hot dog roasts with extended family at Kakela. We have devotionals and FHE lessons. My aunts do the dances they learned as children and we "talk story." In so many ways these moments are what taught me about Christ and life and the gospel when I was younger. I am so grateful for my aunts and uncles and cousins who have been such great examples to me. And I am so glad I get to pass this on to my boys- like their matching rash guards?

Angie, Jana and I. Once long ago we were roomates. Seems like yesterday. I loved being in Hawaii with Jana, as we have so many years throughout our lives.

The Pali lookout- always really windy but super pretty.

Asher (Tasha's boy) and Parker. These two LOVE each other and I love it because i LOVE tasha! When they see each other they get these mischenious smiles and just go nuts. It can be a little intense but it's awesome.

Pupekea (aka Shark's Cove). A great place to snorkle or scub dive. Spencer and I had a fun scuba dive with my uncle Don there.
Ask Parker who his favorite uncle is and he says "Greg" (and then gets a treat from Greg on the side). But seriously he is an awesome uncle, and brother and friend.

True to form Ben was super smiley and so cute. He loved the sand - ate it all the time.

Parker was my big boy- learning to play in the waves, build sandcastles, pull in the nets from the Hukilau, dance the hula, bury people in the sand and do all kinds of things. It was so fun.

My beautiful mother
My Aunt Jill and Ben

Greg. How I love this boy. He was my "husband" when Spencer was still in Utah. He was so helpful and I seriously just love his company. I am so amazed by him- he'll make some lucky girl very happy someday.

The Hukilau- we helped pull the nets in and Parker got to see the fish the nets caught. When my grandfather was at BYUH, this is how the students made money to go to school- doing a Hukilau for tourists. Eventually it turned into what we know as the PCC, but once in awhile they'll do a real Hukilau and in celebration of Laie Days they did one while we were there.

We always get Esplin Hawaii shirts to remember our year there. Here we are in our shirts.

The aunts dancing

All 70 or whatever of us.

The cousins (all grandchildren of Ross and Olive Esplin) -oldest to youngest, with a bunch missing.

Parker was a little tired. :)

Ben and Brinley Stringam

Jana and Kellen

Waimea Falls

Luau. Some good friends of my aunts and mom put on a legit luau for us and taught us all how to make Hawaiin hats.

Grandpa and Ben. My dad didn't get to come for long but he made sure that the family had a wonderful time even though he was home working. He's so giving.

Ajay and I in our hats.

We had a cousins dinner at Cholo's. It was fun to be with everyone.

We had weekly Sunday "devotionals" with all the extended family. This is during our devotional about temples and family.

The lovebirds surfing.

Paddling out with KC