Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So my parents completely 100% spoiled me and bought me the one thing I have coveted since getting pregnant with #2. A Chariot double stroller. These things are absolutly ridiculously overpriced and yet so very worth it for me- they just make running with children possible- plus daddy can hook it to his bike. Parker loves it and rode next to his Leap frog- soon to be his little brother though as much as we explain that I'm not sure he gets it--he's in for it!

End of Summer

We took our last family trip a couple weeks ago before Spencer went back to school. Because I had never seen the Clegg family farm in Grace, Idaho (where Spencer's father grew up and where Spencer has spent a few summer's working on the farm) we went there. I never knew a farm could be so much fun! Parker was in heaven with animals, tractors and four wheelers galore.

We spent a lot of time at the lake they built- there is a HUGE waterslide/slip in slide type thing- probably 80 feet long that plunges into this pond. It is AWESOME and Spencer and I (and the little baby inside of me) loved it. Parker was too scared to go on it- maybe in a few years. We camped in the barrack up the canyon from the farm, rode on tractors, had hot dog roasts, attempted the ice cave but Parker was too scared to go all the way back, swam laps in the lake and played on the sand. We got to hang out with relatives who were so awesome and get a taste of our Clegg heritage. Being there I really realized how lucky I am to be a Clegg- they are amazing people.

Then we went to Boise and hung out with Ben and Lori Jensen and family. They were incredibly good to us. I of course only took pictures of one event- Spencer and Ben in matching colored shirts (every morning they matched) after disc golf and the boys playing in the water. But we also did tons of other stuff- farmers market, parents night out, watched the Olympics and ate awesome food they cooked and just hung out and talked which I LOVED. Brandon is so cute with Parker and Bridger is awesome. It was really fun to be with them and see their lives in Boise. Thanks again Ben and Lori!

Spencer grew a beard for the week we were away. It was manly but the mustache he had for about 5 seconds when he shaved it was scary.

And now we're home and Spencer is back in school in his last semester. He really liked his internship this summer at GE and he just got back from a trip to Milwaukee for an interview with GE (not necessarily to be located there but the interview was there). We have lots of options already and we'll be having more as the month goes on and Spencer starts applying everywhere. Who knows what the future holds! I'm almost 7 months and doing fine. Just my normal aches and pains but this one is going faster than when I was pregnant with Parker. Maybe because I'm not so anxious to be done- I know what awaits me with a newborn and for that reason--he can stay in there a little longer!! :) Sad the summer is ending. It was a good one.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Water Party

Angie and Ajay came for a week and a half and just left and we were so busy (2 weddings, baby shower for Bryant and Mindy, birthday dinner for Angie, camping with Sierra and Art, 24th of July 10K and celebrations, rockclimbing in the canyon and countless family and friends get togethers) that I didn't even take pictures! Except for our little water party with "the Girls" It was fun. Aren't they beautiful!


I went out to Nauvoo a couple of weeks ago to see my family in the Nauvoo pageant and it was actually amazing. Let me preface by saying this is NOT something my family does naturally or regularly. But my mom has been dying to do it for years and so my dad, Greg and Haylee were all so sweet and did it just for her pretty much. It wasn’t easy either. They practiced VERY long days in VERY hot humid sun for over a week and then did shows every night. Even my mom wasn’t too stoked about it at times. But somehow it was all worth it. I don’t know how to explain it but there is a spirit there I can’t describe. And seeing my family do it, is so incredibly touching to me. The very first night I was just touched by the spirit of the pioneers, their sacrifices and all they did, how it relates to us and how we relate to them because we all experience hardships and how we can learn from the way they handled their hardships. It is a beautiful pageant. I laughed seeing my family. My dad’s huge grin as he dances and his arms up in the air and big tall hat, how he stands out. My mom nodding her head and smiling with her arms around other women at the enactment of the Relief Society organization. She and my dad dancing together. Dancing! Haylee’s huge beautiful smile and she and Greg dancing together. And Greg, up there acting and doing his part and smiling and just being Greg- with a big huge hat on and overalls and a funny tie. I seriously laughed and laughed and yet there was something about it touching to me that I didn’t put my finger on until the following night and then it hit me so strongly I couldn’t hold back tears the entire night. Watching my family interact together was like I was watching them in their lives. I saw their strengths- Haylee’s infectious smile and incredible sweetness, Greg’s quiet strength- his arms around my family, his willingness and perception of other people’s needs. My mom’s innocent goodness and my dad’s hilariousness and just simple, good heart as he dances around sort of awkwardly beautiful. I saw them from a distance and I watched them enact scenes from a families life, our families life- my parents going through the temple and then joining Haylee and Greg in a circle, hugging. Greg with his arms around everyone. Haylee sweet and just so beautiful. My mom and dad’s strengths through trials- just like the pioneers. I was so touched. My family was enacting struggles and joys of pioneer life, and yet in it I saw our own trials, our own joys, our own strengths, and our own journey. I was able to take a step back and look at the journey my family is taking almost from God’s perspective- from an eternal perspective. I heard the Spirit whisper that things will be okay, that this is all a part of the journey in our family and that as we learn to come together, forgive and love each other we are purified in the very process and that is how we complete our journey. It’s so hard to explain how I felt but it was so significant to me. So beautiful I was like an outsider looking in and seeing how a family grows and is refined. It was really beautiful for me.

Spencer came out for the weekend and we were able to meet up with a girl he baptized on his mission, Rachel (Nauvoo was in his mission). She was single at the time but now she is married to an awesome guy, Josh, who she introduced to the church. They have a little girl and one on the way. It is amazing to see people grow in the gospel and sort of witness the bond you have with people through the gospel and the effects of a mission. It was cool.

These pictures aren't that great in quality but it's still funny to see them. Classic- my family in costumes dancing and singing!