Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thank you

Our bishopric was just released and for FHE last night we made a thank you video for them. I watched it and thought it was hilarious for some reason (just watch Parker sing!) so I thought I'd share..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rock Climbing and Skate Boarding

Since it's my summer off (not pregnant) we're trying to take advantage and we've been trying to get out and go hiking or rock climbing a couple times a week. It's been great. I still am a wuss rock climbing but I'm getting the hang of it better and Spencer finally trusts me to belay. We went with our friends Liz and Brett this week and these are some picts she took.

Brett and Liz. Liz held Ben and even fed him messy Graham crackers while I climbed. He obviously loved it. She's pregnant and going to be a great mom!

Parker's got the Clegg tongue- always out!

And skate boarding- no pictures of this one but Friday afternoon after Spencer came home, we went to the skate park with Parker and Ben. It was one of those “where is my camera” moments watching Parker and Spencer walk skateboards in hand toward the park. I stayed in the car with a sleeping little Ben until he woke up and then I joined them. Parker was red faced from working hard and he was loving it. Spencer was taking him in the pool to avoid the crowd. I got down and did a little skating too- I'm so rusty and felt self conscious being #1 old and #2 a girl. But I loved doing it all the same and there was a minute where it flowed and I remembered how fun it is. Then the bad part- I was trying to get Parker out of the bowl- I had to run and try and lift him up. Right as Spencer warned not to hit his head, it happened. Slow motion. Oh it was a horrible feeling. His face came down and hit the coping. Smack. Oh I was dying. Afraid to look..I checked and his face was okay -”check his teeth, are they there?” Spencer yelled. All there. But his chin- a big huge gash on his chin. Parker was bawling, though I was still impressed with how brave he was. He really was very brave. It looked so horrible. So we spent the next 5 hours (no exaggeration) in the emergency room of Primary Children's. It was jam- packed and smelled like throw-up. No fun at all. But we made it out eventually with 7 stitches. Parker's second set and he's not even three. My fault though. I seriously felt terrible and was so bugged with myself. Looks like we're going to have to buy some helmets and pads- and maybe I'll need Daddy to help him out of the bowls.