Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lava Hot Springs

Since our last trip to Lava Hot Springs was interuppted with an early delivery of our little Ben we decided to make another trip- this time with the whole fam. We met Tasha and Josh there (it's a great meeting place between Rexburg-where they are living right now and SLC) and Ben and Lori Jenson. We rented a little house on Main street and experienced Lava at it's fullest-

We rafted the river, watched the motorcycle rally, ate at the gas-station-converted Thai restaurant, sat in the hot pots, and ate great ice cream. Parker and Asher were their crazy selves when together and Brandon, Parker, Bridger and Ben got along great. It was a fun time.

Thomas the Train

Thomas came to Heber Valley Railroad and Grandma was nice enough to take us all. Parker was in HEAVEN. He seriously could have stayed there all day long.

We rode Thomas, got our faces tatooed, took pictures, played with all kinds of trains and had a great time. Cailin and Ben had fun together and are really interacting cute and Parker is SUCH a sweet older cousin/brother. He really takes care of them. I enjoyed being with Mindy and always love talking to her. She had a nice shiner from being hit in the face with a softball. A week later she found out the bone in her face had actually BROKEN and has to have extensive dental work done. She is one tough chick. She didn't even act like anything was wrong and has been running 18+ miles with a broken face. It was a great day at Thomas- thanks Grandma!

Summer Fun

I love the summer, especially now that Parker is old enough to want to go on adventures with me. We've been hiking a lot and going up in the canyon and he LOVES it. Ben does too. Here we are on a hike up to the "H" by us. We also did a hike up to the "living room" with daddy-about 3.5 miles round trip and Parker did AWESOME.

I went running one Saturday morning and came back at 9am to ALL of my boys still asleep. I didn't even know Parker and Ben could sleep that long! Here they all are on a lazy Saturday morning!

We love the zoo- which is about a 1.5 miles from our house. Come and go with us! The Cary's came and went with us and we had a lot of fun. Parker could ride the train all day long and be 100% satisfied. Here he is with what I think is his first crush- "Alli Cary" (He NEVER just calls her Alli- but always her WHOLE name). He loves her.

Spencer Graduation

Although I doubt we're done for good, it was good to celebrate and make it real that Spencer graduated. It was nice with lots of supportive family. The bbq broke and we waited in colder than expected weather for an hour to get the food on but it all worked out- thanks to my mom's van full of blankets!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The graduate

Spencer graduates (well walks- he has really already graduated) this Friday. This is a little write up we put in his grad anouncement. We're having a bbq after the graduation and if you want to come email me and I'll tell you where to meet us- anyone is welcome! (

Spencer started his college career at Utah Valley State College (now UVU) majoring in computer engineering with a year off to work for Sawgrass Systems, Inc. in South Carolina and some time in Park City as a lifty at the Canyons. In 2001 he transferred to the University of Utah, still studying computer engineering. Then from July 2002- July 2004 Spencer served in the Illinois Peoria mission and while on his mission decided computer engineering wasn’t the path he wanted to take. Shortly after his mission he married his faithful girlfriend and went back to school at the U, this time studying biomedical engineering- a tough major because it requires an understanding of both medical and engineering. Despite the challenge, it seemed to be the perfect fit for Spencer. He worked very hard but also enjoyed what he was learning (for the most part). He gained valuable friendships and learned a great deal from his professors. In December, after lots of late nights on the phone with his dad working through physics problems and pulling all nighters for projects due the next day, he successfully completed all his classes for his biomedical engineering degree. Though he graduated in one of the worst job markets that our generation has experienced he was offered and accepted a position at Numira Biosciences as a medical image processing associate. Numira Biosciences does ┬ÁCT scans for researchers and pharmaceutical companies. They use the scanned data to generate quantified data and three dimensional images and movies. Spencer spends most of his time at work processing CT datasets and developing biomedical imaging applications. Spencer graduated a month before his 30th birthday (his goal!) and shortly after the birth of his second son, Benjamin Mark. We plan to remain in our little apartment on foothill drive, where we manage the apartment complex. This way we’ll be able to save money for a house someday. For now we are glad to be here and feel very fortunate to have a job! Spencer is busy as the stake scout master and has amazed me with his ability to be an extremely attentive and nurturing father and husband while balancing church responsibilities, the demands of school, and now two jobs- Numira and the apartments we manage. We sure love our daddy (and husband)! We’d like to thank all the family and friends that have helped and supported us all along the way. We literally could not have done it without you. Thank you for your love and your support.

Big Boy

This is a picture Parker's nursery leader took of him. I think he looks So grown up it makes me sad! Yet, he's so cute grown up too. This is only the second picture I have ever seen him LOOK and SMILE! He is potty training too and finally really doing it! So he really IS growing up!