Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am at the end of a trip of a lifetime. I just got to spend an entire week in the sun with my best friend of all time- my sister (she and Spencer of course). It is late and we are leaving at 6am tomorrow to try to make it to church before we have to catch the plane home but I know I'll be catching up with my little boys so I'm trying to post a few picts before we leave. I'd also like to try and make these pictures do justice to the beauty of this place with a little photoshop or something, but once again, I know how time will be when I get home so I just thought I'd say a few things about this week. It was heaven.

The first thing Angie wanted to do is head to the beach- I love the way you feel her energy rise as we near the coast. We spent 4 glorious days in the sun, surfing in the morning and in the evening- two days in Tamarindo and two in Playa Avellanas. Awesome. the waves were perfect, the sunset amazing and my sis is an incredible surfer these days. I remember Hawaii and the beginnings of surfing. I am still there but now I watch her and am amazed. She charges. I love it. Someday I'll be half as good.

Drinking fruit juices, yummy!

We stayed in such a cool hostal in Playa Avellenas- we slept in treehouses! This dog followed me on my morning run and though I usually hate when dogs follow me, this guy was super sweet and kind of protective. I love hostals. I love the energy and meeting all the travelers. The Pot picture is self explanatory

After the coast we made the much-longer- than-expected trek to La Fortuna and spent three days in the jungle.

Did the canopy tour- this one was awesome. AMAZING views, huge cables, AWESOME. I tried to load a video I had of it but it wouldn't load. Sorry. We had the coolest views of the volcano, the huge lake and the forest below.

We checked out the volcano and saw lava

We went to a hot tub heaven- I have to bring Spencer back for this one. It was heavenly. And Angie and I laughed for 20 minutes straight about this waterslide that...oh I won't ruin it for you, it is just funny and very unexpected. I haven't laughed like that in I don't know how long. We were choking on the water we were laughing so hard.

Saw beautiful waterfalls- and yes we are wearing zebra and tiger print in the jungle. :) Ate amazing food, stayed in a cute little cabin in the rainforest, got to know such cool, sweet people and loved the beauty of the rainforest.

It has been amazing. More than anything I have loved a week of uninterrupted talking time with my sister. She understands me better than I understand myself. She is such a gift to me. I am so excited for the next phase in life she is entering. She will be a wonderful mom. And I am so so grateful to my wonderful husband who would so willingly, without batting an eye, encouraged me to go on this trip while he held down the chaos at home. I owe him big time.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


We had a great Christmas. Parker was ALL about Santa this year and loved to play "Santa"- He would knock on the door and ask me to call him Santa. "Oh Hi Santa, come on in!" We had a nice tree and just a wonderful season. We always have our own little Christmas a few days before we go to the family's house- this is when Santa came and brought the boys a BIG HUGE Truck. They were stoked.
Here is Parker playing on it with some of his friends.
This thing is WAY too big for our apartment and has made me want to look for houses more actively. :)

This is how santa transported it from Pleasant Grove, where he bought it, to our home in Salt Lake.
Here are Ben and Parker on Christmas day. You should see Parker drive- he looks behind him when they reverse and everything- how do they know how to do that!

We also went sledding and had a great time. Parker liked it but was even more into playing with his trucks in the snow. Ben had fun but can't move in his snowsuit. :)

We had Christmas with my family this year. Angie and Ajay came and the whole fam was together. I loved it.

We went snowboarding at Snowbird, had dinner with friends, went to temple square and had family parties.
Our Ward Christmas party. Parker loved talkingn to Santa. Ben was a little scared but loved the candy and as usual tried to steal Parker's. Parker cried when we had to leave the train.

We made a snowman. I love this picture of Parker. So classic. :)