Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Parker in Eden

Eden, Utah

This weekend we went to Spencer’s parents place in Eden with Tasha and Josh. We were supposed to go boating on the lake there and we pulled a boat all the way up there only to put it in the water and get as far as the dock before we realized it was done. Spencer paddled it back in from the dock and loaded it back on the trailer and we didn’t use it again. I swear that is so my luck. That happened to me in Lake Powell one year with Stephanie and Ashley. Then it happened with Summer and Sean twice at Utah Lake. Oh well. It actually turned out totally fine. We had a really good time and it was nice to just relax.
We just hung out at the house and went swimming, ate dinner together, watched movies in the theatre and sat in the hot tub. It’s fun just talking to those two. We get along really well as couples because I think we are a lot alike. I love Tasha so much. She keeps me calm about being a mom, makes me realize it’s great to just go with the flow a little more and not stress about the little things. I liked watching her with Asher. She is a really good mom.

I loved driving there with them, going past our exit five times, having Asher scream and Josh on edge, pulling over at a gas station so I could feed Parker and make PB& J’s on the back of a truck sitting on the cooler (just like my mom would do). I loved putting the boys to bed, getting up in the morning and hearing Asher throw something down the stairs. I loved taking a nap and alternating with our husbands on child care. I loved kind of working out with them, Tash and Josh going running, me and Spence at the gym. Then swimming at the pool. I loved being in the car together. Laughing at Asher and Parker playing tug of war with toys and how they are already determined that it is “theirs!” and Parker’s death grip that wins out even though he’s younger. I loved sitting by the lake and skipping rocks with the little boys eating rocks and sand. I loved frozen yogurt at Maverick and sitting on the grass for an hour afterward just like it used to be when we were little in the middle of the summer. I loved cooking breakfast for our husbands for Father’s Day and having them get in bed together to eat it. Then trying to have a little celebration but trying to keep Asher and Parker entertained and occupied with something other than spilling ketchup on the floor and finally giving up and just realizing that’s how things are these days; breakfast in bed isn’t what it used to be, but that’s okay. I loved being in church and trying to entertain two crazy boys, sharing treats and Tash saving me when I forgot my diaper bag with Parker’s distraction toys. And I LOVED most of all sitting out on the deck after the boys had gone to bed and eating dinner, talking forever and enjoying an incredibly beautiful view. It was a perfect weekend. God knows what we need for sure.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Little Parker Clegg

Parker at 8 months. Wearing something Eileen Hawthorn from England gave him.

Getting ready to go in the stroller with mommy.
California with Aunt Haylee.
Sleep deprived and hyper on the way to California in the car.
Florida with Aunt Angie.
Eating a snack after hiking to the top of Maple Canyon.
Camping with daddy.

Chillin in my chair with Teddy.
The Halloween costume mom and dad made me wear.
Christmas with cousin Christian, and my friends Eli and Easton andn my other cousin, Jackson.
Christmas day with daddy.
My cousins Asher and Christian.
My first haircut.

3 months.
Getting ready to go running with mommy in my snowsuit.
Mommy and me.

Just woke up.
Daddy and me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Clegg Story

Spencer and I started dating on September 7, 1996. We were both 17.
We had some times apart..
Sierra, me and Jen at BYU Hawaii
My mission to Manchester, England.
Travelng to Europe with Jenny and Mindy.
Snowboarding with Angie, Meg and Sierra while going to school at BYU.

hiking AF canyon
Turkey Hunting, South Carolina.
Trip to Greece.
Mission to Peoria, Illinois
And some times together....

California trip
Outside Spencer's house in Salt Lake City.
Our freshman year of college while I was home for the holidays.

But finally in July 2004 Spencer came home from his mission and
within a week we were engaged.

We were married October 7, 2004 in the Salt Lake Temple

We lived in a little apartment in Salt Lake City.
I finsihed my masters in school counseling at the U and
started to work as a school counselor.

Spencer continued going to the University of Utah for a degree in biomedical engineering.
(eating lunch at President's circle)
We had a lot of fun those first couple years.
Seeing Meg and Duffy in South Pasadina, CA.

Following the Mormon Trail and seeing Spencer's mission in Illinois.
Slick Rock in Moab with Tasha and Josh.
We found out we were going to have a baby!

We attempted to live normal lives while pregnant. :)
Canyoneering with Sierra and Art in Zion's

Florida with Angie, Ajay and KC.
Kite flying.

On September 7,2006 Parker Scott Clegg was born. 11 lbs 8oz.

So now we have a little one. And isn't he cute!

2 months

3 months. After a run in the snow.
Bath time at 4 months.
Disneyland at 7 months.Florida with Aunt Angie. 5 months.And Now we're hanging out, being parents and trying to do some of
the things that we used to, but now with a little one!
Spencer has a year left in school and we manage our apartment complex.
We have a good little life.

Hiking in Maple canyon with Parker

Our little family after church.
Snowboarding while Grandma watches parker. We love you!