Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Big Week

September 13th Parker turned 4. We had a big Dragon party themed after the new movie- "How to train your Dragon." Parker has of late been obsessed with dragons. It was a childs dream- well Parkers atleast- pizza, friends, a huge blow up waterslide (borrowed from my uncle), 2 jeeps to ride (that Spencer was up many nights fixing), candy, presents, cake and ice cream, music (Spencer set up his dj get up), and games. About everyone we invited came and we had quite a few random neighbors and siblings show up once word got out we had a waterslide bouncy house, so it was slightly chaotic with 20+ kids but super fun too.

I love this pic of Ben

I made a dragon cake that turned out pretty good :)

3 days later on September 16th, our little girl was born! She came a week and a half early but was a healthy 7 lbs 11 ounces and 20 inches long. We are naming her Penny Elizabeth (after my mom and I - we both have the middle name E;izabeth) Spencer works as hard during labor as I do- I love this man.

My mom was there the whole time and I loved her being there.

She's a great baby- by far our best eater and sleeper and just so sweet.

Parker and Ben adore her. Parker is really cute with "our little girl" and really knows how to be gentle and sweet with her. Ben LOVES her and cries to hold her but doesn't quite know how to be gentle. Parker's adjusted really well. But I can see Ben sort of questioning where he fits in now. He's more clingy and whiney. It breaks my heart but I know we'll adjust. Both boys are growing up! Parker's first week of preschool was this week- I cried when I dropped him off- such a mom! And Ben is no longer our baby. I rocked him the other night and cried again! He has been our sweet little boy and now he's our older brother. It's emotional to me. But it's wonderful too. Penny brings such a sweet spirit to our home, these kids are sent from heaven. I feel so thankful.

The week ended with my birthday on September 19th which was somewhat uneventful with a new baby. But Parker wrapped a bunch of his toys to give to me and Spencer took me out and that's all I need. So now we have 3 birthdays in a week in our family (not to mention my sister in laws that same week). Guess it's ALWAYS going to be a busy week for us. :)