Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big Events

So it's been about a month since this happened but two fun events for the end of the summer- produce from the garden and daddy got his braces off! Spencer's had them on for two years now and Parker doesn't know any different (and probably doesn't even notice) but the boy I married's smile is back and I love it! --though he sure was cute with those braces too. :)

30 and 2

Parker and I were born 27 years and 359 days apart. So he turned 2 on September 13th-which makes my birthday on the 19th the big 3-0! Here's how we celbrated:

We had a small party with just family for Parker's big day and spent the day at Wheeler Farm. It was PERFECT. There was even a big autism fair there where all kids got to go on all the rides for FREE! Parker was in heaven with the bouncy machines, slides, horsey rides, tractor rides, animals and especially all his new toys and the tractor cake that mommy made for him (I had visions of this perfect professional looking cake which turned out very mommy-amatuerish but in the end- I was so glad it looked that way) :) Parker even blew out his own candles out this year!

And for my big 30th my sweet husband planned the perfect little party for me. He rented a couple of rooms up at Snowbird and invited some family and close friends up for food and fun. He even got a babysitter for the kids- though as you can see they joined us sooner than later. :) I didn't know about it until I got an invitation in the mail. It was great. I loved having time to talk and really spend time with people who I have known for most of my long 30 years. I feel so grateful for their friendshps and for my sweet husband who planned a perfect night- with "Spencer food" (bratwurst and pastrami burgers) AND "Erin food" (vegetables and bbq chicken- though really I ate whoppers the whole night) and my favorite -carrot cake. After everyone left we had the whole place to ourselves. so we watched a movie and listened to the thunder, got up in the morning and went to a little bit of Oktober fest and drove home in the beautiful fall canyon. Perfect.