Friday, July 18, 2008


And I was just reminded that we haven't said what we're having- so it's going to be a BOY! Spencer was convinced it was going to be a girl so I had kind of become used to the idea of a girl but deep down I wanted a little boy. I wanted a playmate for Parker. i've loved having a sister so close and my brothers are all close and so I just pictured a boy next. So I was really excited when we found out we were having a boy. Plus, we don't have to buy new clothes! Due November 2nd.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


So far in July we’ve stayed in Utah- though I am currently writing this from Nauvoo, Illinois (more on that to come)We’ve been busy with festivities surrounding Elder Atkinson coming home, Angie coming to town for her 10 year reunion and Greg’s homecoming and Fourth of July in Eden with the Clegg’s. But we’ve had some needed Utah time. Spencer bought a rope and will go rock climbing with anyone who is willing (seriously call him)- anyone except me that is because he says it’s too risky for the baby in my tummy. We finally got out on the Lake and Spencer got some much needed wakeboarding in- once again I sat on the boat with my pregnant belly. If it weren’t for my more sensible husband I may have been out there but he keeps this baby alive I guess.

Parker's also had lots of fun time with his daddy. Pictured: the park on Father's Day, fishing with daddy and cousin Jacob at the reservoir, playing the turn tables with daddy after work, and eating butter stragith from the tub (he would seriously eat it until he was sick if we let him- we have to HIDE the tub) and he gets that from his daddy too!

I've successfully planted and tended my garden with tomatoes, 3 kinds of squash, cucumbers, eggplant, peas, and more. And Parker and I have had fun swimming whenever we can, going to the zoo or park and playing with friends who come into town- from Dax Andrus (Emily Goff's son) to Finn Murphey (Mindy Mower's son). We love Utah summers!!


Also in June, my youngest brother, Greg came home from his mission to Roseville, California Spanish speaking. It has been so awesome to have him home. I am totally inspired by his genuine love for the Lord and the people he served. The way he quietly lives the gospel, reads his scriptures and reaches out to others brings tears to my eyes all the time. I love having him home! And now he’s on the prowl! :) (Greg- pictured middle back)


In June we went spent time on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. Haylee, Grandma and I went to see Angie and Ajay one last time in Florida before they move to NYC in August. As usual, we loved it. Angie and I surfed just about every day- a few more weeks and my tummy would probably be too big, but the trip was just at the right time to enjoy the perfect (for me) Florida waves. Haylee and Grandma also got out on the boards and Parker adjusted to the ocean- scared of the waves at first (we’re in a scared stage). So we had lots of beach time. We also shopped, ate great Thai food, watched some movies and just loved talking and being together.

Spencer, Parker, Haylee and I also got to enjoy California and Universal Studios for a weekend. Well, Parker didn’t so much ENJOY Universal Studio’s-I think he was scarred for life after Jaws popped out of the water in front of him and King Kong roared in his face. But, hey, he loved the band playing and drew a crowd with his dancing and warmed to Shrek (originally he was terrified). It was fun. Confession: So technically we went to California in May but it fits better under this title. :)


Well seeing that it’s been three months I guess we should post. I’ll take it month by month…
In May Spencer started his new job/internship at General Electric Medical near the airport in Salt Lake City. He’s working x-ray machines surgeons use when they perform surgery and loves it.

Over Memorial Day we went to Grandma Atkinson’s favorite place on earth- yes Delta, Utah for an Esplin Memorial weekend get together. We visited grandpa and grandma Moody’s graves, saw the old farm and the place where thousands of Japanese American’s were kept during WWII- yes in Delta, Utah. Parker’s favorite part- the train; Spencer’s favorite- the old outhouse he found; my mom’s favorite party-EVERYTHING!

And Erin barely topped Delta with a trip to Paris, France for a Clegg girl’s trip!

Lots of eating, shopping, sightseeing and getting to know the Clegg girls better. Highlights: countryside in Amboise, learning of history and art- French Revolution and impressionist painters, old men playing poker and smoking cigars at the flea market, and my favorite time of day- my morning run around the Eiffel Tower.

pictured: walking the streets, sleeping on the bus, Monet's gardens at Giverny, Clegg women resting on a bench and also hard at work shopping, gourmet meals (this is WHIPPED PEAS!), our favorite mom Clegg in front of a beautiful Chateau in Amboise, Versaille, me reading scriptures on the streets and Clegg women in Giverny.