Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little late in coming

So I'm a little late on this news but Ben's casts are off!! YAY!! He got them off 2 1/2 weeks ago. He screamed bloody murder while they sawed them off and was kind of afraid of his legs or something but I loved seeing his sweet little scrawny legs (even though they REALLY smelled). He didn't walk for a week and I had to carry him everywhere (he had actually gotten quite mobile with those casts) but week 2 he started to walk occasionally and now week 3 he's doing awesome. He's so proud of himself walking, loves that he can put on shoes and is really starting to keep up with Parker better. I LOVE it. He still has some pain and will cry out at night (I think after being on them all day it hurts him) or if I touch his feet in certain places he winces. But I guess that's normal, the doctors said his Achilles tendon is still healing. We have a check up in a few weeks and will wear the braces at night for 2 more years but we are on our way. Horray! Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. Oh, and the day after we got the casts off we headed to Disneyland! :)

I chose to go on the ferris wheel and didn't realize the wind would make it FREEZING. We were all miserable. Parker said after we got off "You chose wrong mom!!"

We went with Bry and Cailin, my mom, Sadie and KC and all of us. We had a great time!

Sunday before everyone went home we went to church and then stopped at a park. I love this pic of my mom, don't her and Penny look so much alike! :)

After Disneyland I got to meet up with my two of my BFF's from High School- Summer and Megan. Summer just happened to be vacationing in San Diego so she drove up to meet me in Anaheim and we drove up to stay with Megan in Paso Robles. We had SUCH a good time. The kids played amazingly together and we just talked and talked and talked.

Penny's getting so big!! Love the rolls!

We weren't supposed to get Ben's casts wet and since they don't fit in shoes it was a little hard to do snow activities but the day before we got them off it snowed and so I took him out and we made a snowman. Notice Ben's bent knee, duck footed stance. Doesn't that look annoying and miserable.

Parker's been snowboarding quite a few times this year and is really starting to love it.

I've been running with three kids in my Chariot lately. It's pretty sqooshy so I don't like to do it (besides the fact that I'm pushing over 80lbs). But my elliptical broke so if i don't get up to exercise before Spencer leaves at 7:20 than my only option is the Chariot. The kids are troopers and we usually get a treat or something fun. They do look cute all snugly in there though. :)


Adrienne said...

yay the casts are off. i don't know how to carried two kids all this time. that's so cool parker will snowboard. ryan's pretty timid about stuff like that. disneyland looks great. i can't wait until megan is old enough so all the kids will remember

Liz Walker said...

I am so glad Ben's cast are off! Happy day for all of you. Disneyland looked fun. I love that all three kids are wedged in as you run outside. You totally amaze me, Erin!

Joe and Mish said...

Yay Ben! Looks like a fun Disneyland adventure and fun in the snow too. Hope you guys have a fun St. Patrick's Day and Erin, you totally rock pushing three kids. I thought one was tough.