Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Recent Picts

First of all, Ben didn't get his surgery due to a runny nose and had to be recasted and the surgery pushed back 2 weeks. Pray he doesn't get sick and we can do this darn surgery, get our last set of casts on and move on. He has done really well but I have also noticed moments of sadness and frustration in his eyes. Jan 25th is our new date for surgery and Feb 14th final casts come off- cross your fingers! And these two pictures are very dear to me. The first one is Ben playing with some Toy Story figures that a very thoughtful friend brought to me the first week Ben was in casts. She brought us dinner which was sweet enough but was also completely inspired to bring Ben a huge gift of Toy Story figures. They were meant for him for sure. I really think the Lord led her and I am so thankful! Ben was able to immerse himself in playing with those figures and just LOVED them- still does- but they were especially meaningful those first few weeks before he learned to get around with his casts on. Thank you Cami! The second picture is of Ben's nursery teacher, Sister Potter. She broke her leg the same week Ben got put in casts and we went to visit her the day after Ben was put in casts. I watched Ben crawl up into her lap, look at her leg, also in a cast, and feel understood and not so alone. I got embarrassingly teary as she took the time to read him stories, give him favorite treats and just dote on him. He SO needed it. In the LDS church sometimes being assigned to work in the nursery with the youngest kids is known as a death sentence. But the nursery leaders in our ward do NOT have that attitude. They really LOVE those children, they know them, care about them and truly LOOK AFTER them and I am SO SO grateful.

We blessed Penny the first Sunday in December

Greg and his girlfriend Kaylee

Bryant and Penny. Parker's lego Dragons he loves to make, Spencer pre-eye corrective surgery, Temple square lights with Grandma and Grandpa AtkinsonThe boys and snow men and ice caves, Ben precasts

Penny 3 1/2 monthes. Her new room with Aunt Angie's bumper pads and Grandma A's redoing the rocking chair to match.

Christmas at the Cleggs, the Polar Express with Grammy and Grandpa Clegg, Gingerbread houses and Christmas loot


Adrienne said...

great pics. hope things go well for ben.

emily v. said...

Hey Erin! Just wanted to let you know that the Vogeltanz family is praying for you and your family. I can only imagine how much it breaks your heart to see your little Ben in casts. I know it breaks mine and I've never even met you guys! Hoping with you that the surgery goes well in a few weeks. Praying patience, endurance, and healing over your family.

Emily V.

Haylee said...

Love these pictures Er, especially those ones of Penny smiling. She's such a doll.
I'm impressed with your gingerbread house decorating skills!
Fun to see some pictures of Ben with the Toy Story toys. I love that little boy.

Angie said...

I like seeing Christmas morning pictures!

Joe and Mish said...

Penny is so darling! I can't believe she is so old already. Best wishes for Ben's surgery and can't wait for him to run around again. What cute kids you have! Sure miss you guys and love ya.